Our Theater-The Marilyn Nelson Theater at Studio B Performing Arts Center

Studio B Performing Arts Center has been providing live theater and acting classes and workshops in The Center since 1999. It is currently under the direction of Artistic Director, Elizabeth Nowell.  When Studio B began, it was a part of The Academy of Fine Arts owned and operated by Sarah Tedesco, whose family (The Nelsons) donated the building and land for its use as the academy. The theater itself was dedicated to Mrs. Tedesco’s mother, Marilyn Nelson, who was instrumental in bringing the arts to the community. When the academy closed in 2002, Pamela-Putman Whittaker was named as Artistic Director for Studio B and the theater began to operate as a non-profit community theater alongside the Highland Village Parks Foundation. She continued operating Studio B adding performances and classes as well as promoting community awareness about the theater. In 2007, Robin Hackett took over as Artistic Director and in 2008, DeAnna McDearmont was hired as Managing Director and soon after took over the role of Executive Director until the summer of 2013 when she moved out of the area with her family. During Mrs. McDearmont’s time as Executive Director, she expanded on the offerings of Studio B with more classes, workshops and productions and worked to bring much-needed technology and an online presence to the theater.  Jen Adame was named Executive Director in the summer of 2013 following Mrs. McDearmont’s  departure.  She immediately hired Elizabeth Nowell, a director and instructor at Studio B to help her run the theatre and continue to help it to grow.  Studio B continues to grow and still strives to maintain a family-friendly environment while providing the local community with quality live theater throughout the year as well as providing top-notch theater training to students of all ages.

Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage participation and appreciation of theatre, music, and the arts overall. Studio B strives to foster creativity and develop skills in acting, musical theatre, voice, dance, script development, and all around knowledge of the stage and theatre. Studio B prepares students for further studies in this genre and genres associated with it. Through classes, workshops and productions, we endeavor to create an atmosphere of creativity, imagination, collaboration and independent thinking. Through performing arts, the young and old alike can build self-esteem and confidence. Most importantly, Studio B unites the community and brings families together.

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